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Festoon Lighting Hire and Decorative Lighting Services

Festoon lights. They are awesome - they look awesome. The create an awesome party/ boho/ market/ festival/ fun filled atmosphere. They are magic. 

Yes, you can buy them from Bunnings and do them yourself. That is true. And if that's your vibe, that is great! 

However, if you are after commercial quality lighting, installed by experts, then give us a call. 

Our lights are 100% waterproof, regularly tested for safety, commercial strength and quality and they have the runs on the board. We can run up to 200m from a power point safely. If looking at getting a great quote, and taking the hassle out of the install, then get in touch. 

Below are examples of the configurations we can discuss with you based on your requirements and your venue. 

Festoon Cross

Festoon Cross

Festoons are run side to side with generous hang from point to point. Can be run just one way, or up and back for greater effect. The amount of hang can be varied dependent on your needs. A popular favourite. 

Random Hang

Random Hang

We use the available fixtures to run varying length runs and various hang sizes too. Creative. Quirky. Unique. THey provide a real talking point for your night and a great point of interest. 

Single Run - Long

Single Run - Long

We run one long single run of up to 200m back and forth across the room. Widths between runs can be adjusted to suit the size of the room, the effect you are going for and budget.  

Sideways Canopy

Sideways Canopy

The sideways are run across the width of the room, but more closely, and with less drop than the Festoon Cross. 

The Sideways Canopy provide a great deal of light - adjusted by the dimmer unit and closeness of the runs - and a high impact lighting effect. 

Backdrops & Length Runs

Backdrops and Length Runs

Length ways festoon runs lead the eye to the backdrop of fairy lights or other backdrop on a rear wall. 

Often provides the perfect backdrop for the bridal table or other key area. 

Outdoor - Nedlands YC

Outdoor Installations

Contact us to discuss your event requirements - whether that be an established venue, a backyard or other area. We can work with you to provide a highly competitive quote and the best service in Perth. 

What our customers are saying

Thanks so much for the hired gear and all your advice!

The wedding looked amazing because of it!

Harry W.

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